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Brock Motors provides the products you need in order to work well with oil well motors. We have supplies such as pump motors, crusher motors, motor bases, hubs and sheaves and belts. With selling through select market partners, our oil well motors support them with large inventory and technical support. You will find our products to be built ‘Brock’ solid and strong. Working in an oil well is challenging enough and not obtaining the proper equipment can affect the process. Our oil well motors will help avoid complications by being fully equipped with the proper qualities and features. These oil well motors are projected for various work sites and are designed for different underground projects. Each one of our oil well motors features specific qualities in order to complete the job from start to finish. Some of the features include steel shafts, high quality horsepower, cast iron frames and greasable bearings. Including the quality work and sustainable products, all of our products and supplies offer altered dimensions. These dimensions are based off of the HP, RPM, frame and volts. Oil well motors vary according to your specifications of work, so do our products. Along with our Brock Motors products and supplies, we provide a warranty policy on every item you purchase. These warranties are to protect your supplies from defects in the material and workmanship. The oil well motors have the warranty for specific measures, but other complications are determined otherwise. At Brock Motors, we like to pride ourselves on the products we supply to our customers. Whether you are in need of a pump motor or belt, our products and supplies will assist your oil well motors. Brock Motors is based around a strong work ethic, honesty and the love for people, just like the man, Brock, himself.


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Our company is as reliable as our products. When you get a brock, you'll see why you'll never go back.



All motors sold by Brock Motors are warranted to be free from defects in material and workmanship.



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Works great. Installed the Brock motor and had no issues, everything worked perfectly.