Brock Motors is named after a very strong and courageous young man with Down syndrome. He is gifted with his honesty, a strong work ethic and the love for people. The same qualities that Brock displays are the same qualities and foundation that Brock Motors hold. In order to obtain those great qualities, we sell through select marketing partners. We support them with large inventory and technical support as well. For our products, we offer a variety of pump motors, crusher motors, motor bases, hubs and sheaves and belts. All of the best oil well motors are equipped with their own special qualities and finishes. Since we are a family oriented company, we like to treat our customers with the same respect and mentality. Adding onto the strong work ethic and honesty, so do our best oil well motors. Our pump motors are specifically designed for the use on oil well pumping units. The motor bases are designed for mounting motors securely. Oil well rock crusher motors are specifically designed for various types of duties involving cage mills, jaw crushers, roller crushers and many more. The best oil well motors aren’t fully equipped without our motor sheaves, hubs and belts that we have available. These products and supplies are made by cast iron and are heavy duty. Our best oil well motors hold different specifications in order to get the job done right.

Our name stands for itself. Brock is a very courageous man with a lot of great qualities, which shines through Brock Motors. We carry our jobs very seriously in professional manner. Our customers are treated as if they were part of the Brock Motors family. We want to assist with providing the best oil well motors in order for you to get your job finished correctly using fully equipped supplies. Be a part of Brock Motors and be “Brock Strong” in all your projects.


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